Changing up my routine with Jenn-FIT workouts!


I’ve been adding some new workouts to my fitness routine…and I’m having so much fun with them…so I wanted to share with you all! :)

I came across this Jenn-FIT site/blog via Facebook one day and loved what I saw so I immediately started following her!  Jennifer posts GREAT workouts almost daily along with healthy eating ideas and lifestyle tips to keep you motivated with your routine.

She has tons of workouts posted so no matter what type of workout you’re looking for…strength training or cardio…there are lots of options to choose from.  One of my favorite things about her workouts…besides the fact that they are fun and challenging…is that many of them can be done at home.  Which is perfect for those days when I need to get a workout in but my schedule won’t allow me a trip to the gym!

I performed this Get Your Heart Rate Up workout of hers today and I loved it!

Pinned Image

A couple of my other favorites so far are her Beach Girl Workout & her Ultimate Leg Workout. I also really like her Yoga and Strength Training Circuit…it’s perfect for a light workout on one of my short run days.

All three of us Healthy Mammas are about to start a 12 week 1/2 marathon training program and I plan to rotate some of Jenn-FIT’s workouts into my weekly schedule while I’m training.

Check out her site and blog, and follow her here on Facebook…I’m certain you’ll like her posts as much as I do! :)

Health & Hugs ~ Melissa


Sahale Crunchers Giveaway !

Sahale Crunchers

Happy Friday everyone ! I’m so excited to announce our next giveaway as it’s one of my favorite products I’ve sampled! Sahale Crunchers by Sahale snacks.  These highly addictive almond snacks combine lightly roasted, sliced almonds with innovative fruit and spice combinations, including Almonds with Cherries, Apples + Maple, Almonds with Cranberries, Sesame Seeds + Honey, and Almonds [...]

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Steel Cut Oat Crusted Salmon with Dill Sauce


I came up with this recipe for a Bob’s Steel Cut Oats recipe contest and it quickly became one of my family’s favorites ! I’ve always used this dill sauce but the oat crust is new…it gives amazing texture and added flavor to the fish ! Steel Cut Oat Crusted Salmon with Dill Sauce Salmon [...]

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Musco Family Olive Co. Giveaway!!

Super Cute T Shirt!

Hi Friends!  It’s been a long time but please bear with us as we go through some growing pains.  ;-) As we get going again, we thought we’d start with a giveaway.  We hope to have many more in the near future!  :) For now, we’d like to introduce you to some delicious new olives [...]

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Roasted Beet Soup & My New Favorite Green Smoothie


We had such a mild winter here in Central Texas this year…hardly a freeze at all! So, unlike previous gardening seasons, our fall/winter garden has held out and continued to produce some really delicious greens and veggies right into spring! It’s been a real treat having kale, spinach, and beets…some of my favorites…producing non-stop for [...]

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Spinach & Mushroom Quinoa, Cauliflower Poppers and Kale Krunch Chips

Kale Krunch Kale Chips

Hello healthy friends !!!  So much going on since my last post…Spring Break, 1/2 marathon with Kim, tennis season underway…busy but in a good way I have been dying to post this recipe for a quinoa dish my brother’s girlfriend, Misa, made for us while on Spring Break (we made it twice that week and [...]

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Discovering Chard ~ Braised Chard & Mushrooms and Mushroom & Chard Tacos


Each planting season my hubby and I like to try out a new veggie or two in our garden. We’ve found that it’s a fun way to discover new favorite vegetables. In our current garden, one of our newbies is chard…both Swiss chard and rhubarb chard. Just like other leafy greens, chard is packed with nutrition.  It is an [...]

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Colorado Skiing, 1/2 Marathon Training…and 1 More Way to Cook Lemony Brussels Sprouts :)

Family Pic!

Hello, friends!  :)  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but it’s not because I don’t love you.  Things are just really busy right now, and I guess I needed a break!  But, I have some simple updates and some simple advice for cooking some REALLY YUMMY brussels sprouts – we may be killing you [...]

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How to Help your Kids Maximize their Homework Time (and a Buckwheat Granola Recipe)!

I recently read this article from Better Homes and Gardens and thought it was great, so I had to post! Learning Verve – by Raven Snook Applications and attitude adjustments can make your home an optimal study zone.  Here’s how to make your kids maximize their homework: When summer ends, the stress begins-not just for [...]

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