Discovering Chard ~ Braised Chard & Mushrooms and Mushroom & Chard Tacos


Each planting season my hubby and I like to try out a new veggie or two in our garden. We’ve found that it’s a fun way to discover new favorite vegetables. In our current garden, one of our newbies is chard…both Swiss chard and rhubarb chard. Just like other leafy greens, chard is packed with nutrition.  It is an [...]

Whole Food Cleansing and the Perfect Garden to supply it!


It’s January…which for me means a few things ~ recovering from the holidays, getting the kiddos back into their school groove, getting organized and ready to tackle my taxes, and CLEANSING my body from the abuse that I put it through in late 2011! I don’t do liquid cleanses…I know myself well enough to know [...]

A Garden Update & My Non Big Fat Greek Platter


Hello Healthy Friends!  Long time no chat!  Or, should I say…long time no post?!  I’ve been super crazy busy with cakes and kids and carnivals and costumes…all fun and fabulous stuff! We had a super fun Halloween with Rapunzel and our mini firefighter. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too! I love this time [...]

Moonlight Gardening & Our Local Farmers Market


What do a HealthyMamma and her hubby do when they’re both crazy busy with work and two small kiddos…but, they have a ton of gardening they want to get done? Well, I’ll tell you what we do…we get our sweet babies to bed and head out for an evening…just the two of us…to the backyard, [...]

Gardening ~ Setting up Transplants and Soil Amendment


I’ve mentioned it many times before but I’ll say it again…I LOVE our fall garden. It’s actually my favorite growing season because of the types of veggies that we grow…greens, beets, green beans, spinach, lettuces…all of the the stuff I love the most! So, we’ve been pretty excited about getting our fall garden up and [...]

Veggie Garden – Crop Rotation

not much to blog

Well, I’ve been slow with my gardening posts lately…but, I have a good excuse…maybe this sad photo will help explain… not much to write about…eh?   Basically…I don’t have much to write about at the moment…because our garden is bare.  Other than a few surviving pepper plants and our strawberry patch…it’s gone…all of it.  Of [...]

Homegrown Tomatoes – Homemade Pasta Sauce


To quote Guy Clark “What’d life be without homegrown tomatoes…Only two things that money can’t buy…That’s true love & homegrown tomatoes”  That just about sums up how we feel around our house about homegrown tomatoes!  We can’t get enough of them…our favorite slicers, cherry tomatoes, Romas…you name it, we love them!  We grow so many that [...]

Dilly Beans…I promise you can’t stop at one!


One thing that our family could not live without…our organic veggie garden out back!  Well, we might be able to live without it…but, we’d definitely spend a lot more money on produce throughout the year!  Plus, I don’t know why…but, homegrown veggies simply taste SOOO MUCH better than store bought veggies!  Maybe it’s because you know that nothing has touched them [...]