Orzo Pasta Salad and It Takes A Village

Orzo Past Salad

We spent our 4th of July holiday with HealthyMamma Kimmy and her wonderful family…each of them I consider family of ours!  It was an absolute GREAT Independence Day!  We relaxed by the pool, watched the kiddos swim and play, enjoyed a yummy frozen drink (or two, but who’s counting?!) that Kimmy made with her crazy cool Vitamix, and grilled out some [...]

Good friends/good times/Happy 4th!!

Dad and Barri on the 4th

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!! I had the best 4th of July ever!!  So strange, though, as it was the first 4th of July in all of my 39 years that I have not seen fireworks.  I am so jealous looking at the fireworks a few of my friend have posted on Facebook – from [...]

Super Sunday start – adrenalin and anti-oxidant high

Acai green smoothie

I’m on a Sunday morning adrenalin and anti-oxidant high after waking up to a matcha latte, hitting the pavement with my two besties for a 10 mile run, and downing my new favorite smoothie, thanks to Sambazon Pure Fuzion Acai and Acerola smoothie packs. First off, my girls are incredible in and of themselves.  We’ve [...]

My New Breville Juicer (and Cucumber/Onion Snack)

Breville Juicer Elite

I have a new best friend.  His name is Breville Juicer Elite!!  :) I loved my Waring Pro Juicer that I got from Target to initially get me started into the world of juicing.  After many, many delicious juices, however, a few things started happening.  First, it started to… well, it started to stink.  I [...]

Veggie Burger Salad, Lululemon and Happy 4th of July !

Sunshine Veggie Burgers

Well it’s another 100+ degree day in Texas !  If another person asks me “Is it hot enough for you today?” I may scream ! Just made the most delicious salad…spinach, organic veggies (red bell pepper, cucumbers, carrots, celery), and some farm fresh goat cheese with a crumbled veggie burger on top.  By the way, [...]

Veggie Subs, Cars 2, and Ashley the Bachelorette

Veggie Sub

It’s been an awesome few days!  This weekend was full of good friends, laughs, some wine (ok, a lot of wine) and even some dancing!!  Somewhere in that crowd is some girl who tried to start a fight with me for very accidentally (and apologetically) spilling over some red wine on her “$150 Lacoste” purse.  [...]

Our new “Healthy” puppy – Stella Grace


Today we picked up the newest addition to our family…a sweet little 7 week old black pug named Stella!   She is so soft, sweet and playful.  Her favorite thing to do is give the kids kisses on their necks…just adorable ! And I have never heard them giggle so hard when she does it [...]

Austin weekend trip to the Haile Hodel

Green Juice Fixins'

So we brough the kiddos to spend the weekend at the Haile Hodel in Austin. (Hodel is no typo…it’s a long story that I’ll save for another post!) We weren’t so healthy last night…there are 4 bottles of wine in the recycle bin…so this morning we got up and made Apple Pancakes with Kimmy’s awesome [...]