How to Help your Kids Maximize their Homework Time (and a Buckwheat Granola Recipe)!

I recently read this article from Better Homes and Gardens and thought it was great, so I had to post! Learning Verve – by Raven Snook Applications and attitude adjustments can make your home an optimal study zone.  Here’s how to make your kids maximize their homework: When summer ends, the stress begins-not just for [...]

28 Day Challenge and “Tuna” Salad

Counter Culture

I can’t believe it’s the middle of October! I usually feel a lot more prepared for the holidays by now. The fact that it was still over 100 degrees in Texas until the beginning of October has just really made the fall season fly by!’s the middle of October, which for me, means I [...]

My workout journey with the Tracy Anderson Method


Right now I feel like someone took me by both arms and both legs and pulled me in 4 different directions…to the point where my arms and legs almost…but not quite…came out of their sockets. That’s how sore I am! It’s a deep inner muscular sore…it’s a Tracy Anderson Method sore. I’ve been doing Tracy’s [...]

The Cove, Race Car Weekend, Recipe Suggestions Wanted!

race car lance

Happy Friday Everyone!  This weekend I will not be doing very much cooking!  In fact, cooking just doesn’t seem to be on my side right now!  The other night, I was opening the freezer to get something out, and water just poured out.  The entire ice container had melted – ugh!  We have ordered a [...]

Forks Over Knives Giveaway and Some of My Favorite Veggie Recipes!


I think I’m detoxing!  I haven’t had meat or dairy (maybe in minuscule un-noticeable portions) since the day after I wrote my FOK post.  Don’t even ask.  I had one last event that I had to get all meaty at, and let’s just say I paid the price.  Yuck!  But, since then, I’ve really been sick with [...]

Forks Over Knives Gave Me Something to Think About

Zane and Milk

Excited that it was finally available on Netflix, last night I watched the documentary, Forks Over Knives.  I’ve been a fan of the Engine 2 Diet and The China Study for a while, but I didn’t realize how closely related this movie is to both of them. To put it simply, the movie is not [...]