Forks Over Knives Giveaway and Some of My Favorite Veggie Recipes!


I think I’m detoxing!  I haven’t had meat or dairy (maybe in minuscule un-noticeable portions) since the day after I wrote my FOK post.  Don’t even ask.  I had one last event that I had to get all meaty at, and let’s just say I paid the price.  Yuck!  But, since then, I’ve really been sick with [...]

Got Calcium?? Get some with Toasted Pine Nut and Currant Collard Greens!


Continuing on from my last post where I talked about the dietary changes that have made the most impact on my well-being these last couple of years…   The biggest change that I’ve made…EVER…to benefit my health, was removing dairy and soy from my diet. For me, this change was prompted by day to day [...]

“Back to School” Bran Muffins and Veggie Salad!

Veggie Salad

So we’ve been on vacation the last week and a half…and though I’ve eaten fairly healthy the whole time, I haven’t been eating as many veggies as I usually do.  I was craving a big bowl of them yesterday so I made this veggie salad that was so filling and flavorful, yet light at the [...]

Quinoa Pilaf Recipe – and Healing Through Food

1/2 lb asparagus!

Kris Carr is an absolute inspiration to me!  If you do not already know who she is, you should consider watching her video, Crazy Sexy Cancer.   It is about a woman who is told she has a rare type of Cancer – and instead of letting it takeover her life, she decides to heal [...]

Quinoa Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Oh so yummy!

My son’s caregiver is one of the most amazing and inspiring people I know.   Daily, she takes excellent care of my sweet son as I am now back at work, she is an avid runner, an excellent mother to her own two children and an amazing cook!   Each time I come to pick [...]

Fun in Austin with Caprese Salad, Skinny Girl Margaritas, The Oasis, & Kerbey Lane…!

Caprese pre-salad!

Tonight will be a short post because a couple of us HealthyMammas are actually together – and we happen to be drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas!  Try these!   Totally natural ingredients and tastes delicious!  A bonus is that the tequila (agave of course) is already added! We started the night with a wonderful salad that [...]

Quinoa Tabbouleh and Vegan Chick Salad


I mentioned in a previous post that this hot summer weather makes me want to eat a little lighter…heavy meals just don’t sound that appealing to me…especially mid-day at lunchtime. I’m definitely still in that mode…and there is no sign of cooler weather anywhere in my near future…unfortunately. I made two yummy recipes today that [...]

MexiCali Burritos – Forks Over Knives

Burrito...just before wrapping...YUMM!

I’m a big fan of documentary films. I enjoy sitting down to watch a documentary and learning about a subject that I don’t know enough about. Or, gaining even more knowledge on a subject that I’ve already researched…because, after all…knowledge is power…right? If you have not yet seen the documentary Forks Over Knives …you should…it [...]

Black Bean and Corn Quinoa

Black Bean And Corn Quinoa

No really, this quite possibly the best recipe on the planet.  I plan on making it weekly (maybe twice a week) for the rest of my life.  Everyone in my family LOVED it! We served it with some fresh salsa (I love Wholly Salsa!) – but I know JennyJenn likes to throw some tomatoes into [...]

Homemade Hummus & Zucchini Bites


We had some friends stop by for an impromptu visit the other evening…those are always the most fun because you don’t have the stress of planning and shopping and it’s an unexpected highlight of the day I didn’t have much in my fridge except for what we were having for dinner. Todd was smoking some [...]