Homemade BBQ Sauce and my Fashion Consultant

Go Team!  Liam sported his first jersey this weekend!

Enjoying a (well deserved) long weekend is always entertaining with young children!!  Our weekend was different than what our original plans were, but we loved it, still getting in much needed family time!  My sister was evacuated from her home due to the Texas fires, so she stayed with us from Sunday through Tuesday, which [...]

Orzo Pasta Salad and It Takes A Village

Orzo Past Salad

We spent our 4th of July holiday with HealthyMamma Kimmy and her wonderful family…each of them I consider family of ours!  It was an absolute GREAT Independence Day!  We relaxed by the pool, watched the kiddos swim and play, enjoyed a yummy frozen drink (or two, but who’s counting?!) that Kimmy made with her crazy cool Vitamix, and grilled out some [...]

Avocado Salsa – greening up your omega-3s

Yum!  Avocado Salsa!

  I rarely go a day without slicing into a creamy, dreamy avocado and throwing as much on to a fish taco or into a green smoothie as I can before my kiddos take off with the rest.  (Did you know that an emptied out avocado half can be converted into a boat for a [...]

Homegrown Tomatoes – Homemade Pasta Sauce


To quote Guy Clark “What’d life be without homegrown tomatoes…Only two things that money can’t buy…That’s true love & homegrown tomatoes”  That just about sums up how we feel around our house about homegrown tomatoes!  We can’t get enough of them…our favorite slicers, cherry tomatoes, Romas…you name it, we love them!  We grow so many that [...]