Vegan Banana Nut Pancakes and our FOK give-away reminder!


I love weekends! I especially love weekends this time of year! There are lots of college football games to watch on Saturdays…in my opinion, there’s nothing better than college football…BOOMER SOONER!!  The weather is starting to get a little cooler…yes, we are a little slow to catch on to the cool weather thing here in [...]

Homemade BBQ Sauce and my Fashion Consultant

Go Team!  Liam sported his first jersey this weekend!

Enjoying a (well deserved) long weekend is always entertaining with young children!!  Our weekend was different than what our original plans were, but we loved it, still getting in much needed family time!  My sister was evacuated from her home due to the Texas fires, so she stayed with us from Sunday through Tuesday, which [...]

Root Vegetable Stew and a Fun Kid’s Snack-Banana Burritos!

Root Vegetable Stew

Ok I’m sure you’ve heard but Healthy Mammas love red lentils and quinoa ! And I just found this recipe that incorporates both so I had to share.  This is a modified recipe from one I found in the Voluptuous Vegan…if you haven’t read this book you MUST !  The author is so great at [...]

Kindy/8th Grade, My New Treadmill, Smoooth Chocolate Chia Pudding and Other Random Thoughts by Kim

Zane Kindergarten

I see London, I see France…I see rain and temperatures below 100 in the Austin forecast!!! It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, but the thing that stands out the most is the really hot weather!  Yesterday broke an overall high record in Austin with the temperature at 112 degrees!  I read on [...]

More school lunch ideas and Chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas !


As I was sitting here staring at my computer, wondering how to begin this post, my mind blank…my 5 year old son came in to tell me that he and his sister were playing “Indian” … they were pretending to be in “Indian” (I think he was trying to say Indonesia!) and they were helping [...]

What are you packing in your kiddos lunches the 1st week of school?

Is this what's in your kiddo's lunchbox?  I need ideas!

I have been brainstorming lately on some new fun creative ways to make healthier lunches for my kiddos.  Last year, I regret to say I got lazy and let Presley buy her lunch in the cafeteria most days.  Hello chocolate (non organic) milk….pizza made out of who-knows-what…fruit with tons of pesticides…pretzels (hello no nutrition) with [...]

“Back to School” Bran Muffins and Veggie Salad!

Veggie Salad

So we’ve been on vacation the last week and a half…and though I’ve eaten fairly healthy the whole time, I haven’t been eating as many veggies as I usually do.  I was craving a big bowl of them yesterday so I made this veggie salad that was so filling and flavorful, yet light at the [...]

Back to School Lunches!


This is my daughter’s first week in her new Pre K class after 2 months at home with me.  Leading up to this week, she’s been playing it kind of cool.  We’ve visited the school and her new teacher, but she hasn’t said much about it.  This past weekend she stayed so busy having fun [...]

“Veggie” Sloppy Joes and whole fruit popsicles

Sloppy Joes

It has been quite an eventful week !  I got to be in Austin for the birth of my nephew…SO EXCITING…nothing sweeter than a newborn baby !  The kids were SO excited to meet their new cousin My sister in law had the fridge stocked with food (yes, she’s about to give birth and she [...]

Kickin’ B12 Chili Cheese Popcorn!


There are two things that I’ve learned as the mother of two young children: 1. A toddler with good table manners is an urban legend 2. Popcorn is an extremely powerful behavior modification tool.  :) My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves popcorn and will do most anything for the delightful treat after a healthy [...]