Discovering Chard ~ Braised Chard & Mushrooms and Mushroom & Chard Tacos


Each planting season my hubby and I like to try out a new veggie or two in our garden. We’ve found that it’s a fun way to discover new favorite vegetables. In our current garden, one of our newbies is chard…both Swiss chard and rhubarb chard. Just like other leafy greens, chard is packed with nutrition.  It is an [...]

Moroccan Spiced Red Lentil Soup


I’ve been cooking sans oil for the last few weeks because of my Engine 2 Oil-Free Challenge and I’ve discovered that I used to use oil in so many recipes where it simply wasn’t needed. In fact, in most cases, I think the recipe tastes better without the oil…you can really taste the veggies when [...]

A Garden Update & My Non Big Fat Greek Platter


Hello Healthy Friends!  Long time no chat!  Or, should I say…long time no post?!  I’ve been super crazy busy with cakes and kids and carnivals and costumes…all fun and fabulous stuff! We had a super fun Halloween with Rapunzel and our mini firefighter. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too! I love this time [...]

Veggie and Udon Noodle Bowl


I’ve been a busy HealthyMamma in the kitchen these past few days! Unfortunately, not everything that I’ve made has been a success. To be completely honest, some of it was not even edible! On Sunday morning I ventured into my THIRD attempt at creating vegan whole grain waffles…only to end up literally scraping them out [...]

Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls


My appetite seems to be a little confused lately. My brain tells me that as of this past Friday, it’s officially fall…but, the weather here in Austin tells me a whole different story. Knowing that fall weather is (hopefully) in my near future, I’m craving things like pumpkin and spiced baked goods, stews, soups…basically warming comfort [...]

More school lunch ideas and Chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas !


As I was sitting here staring at my computer, wondering how to begin this post, my mind blank…my 5 year old son came in to tell me that he and his sister were playing “Indian” … they were pretending to be in “Indian” (I think he was trying to say Indonesia!) and they were helping [...]

Back in the Groove with Juicing, Lentil Soup, and Vegan Corn Muffins

green goodness!

I’ve been back from Crested Butte for a couple of days now…back to reality as they say! I’ve been trying to get adjusted to being back in this Texas heat and trying to get back into the “groove” of things with my healthy eating habits. I don’t know about you…but, I find that it’s tough [...]

What are you packing in your kiddos lunches the 1st week of school?

Is this what's in your kiddo's lunchbox?  I need ideas!

I have been brainstorming lately on some new fun creative ways to make healthier lunches for my kiddos.  Last year, I regret to say I got lazy and let Presley buy her lunch in the cafeteria most days.  Hello chocolate (non organic) milk….pizza made out of who-knows-what…fruit with tons of pesticides…pretzels (hello no nutrition) with [...]

“Back to School” Bran Muffins and Veggie Salad!

Veggie Salad

So we’ve been on vacation the last week and a half…and though I’ve eaten fairly healthy the whole time, I haven’t been eating as many veggies as I usually do.  I was craving a big bowl of them yesterday so I made this veggie salad that was so filling and flavorful, yet light at the [...]

Back to School Lunches!


This is my daughter’s first week in her new Pre K class after 2 months at home with me.  Leading up to this week, she’s been playing it kind of cool.  We’ve visited the school and her new teacher, but she hasn’t said much about it.  This past weekend she stayed so busy having fun [...]