Broccoli & Brown Rice Casserole & A Fun New Years Eve Cocktail and Playlist!!!

Cranberry Martini

In honor of New Years Eve coming up … wanted to share this cute cocktail idea … I made it for our Christmas Eve party and plan to make it for New Years Eve again … OK maybe not so HEALTHY but hey it’s the holidays To make the ice block around a vodka bottle, [...]

Turnip and Cannelini Soup and Spa Martinis :)


I picked up my co-op veggies last week and when I saw it included turnips I thought “Now what the heck am I going to do with these ?”   I’ve always thought I didn’t like them but I decided I’d try to put them to good use.   I googled some different turnip recipes [...]

Whole Pumpkin Casserole, Pumpkin Dip and our Next Giveaway!!

Whole Pumpkin Casserole

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We have had a GREAT one…got to celebrate my sister-in-law’s engagement yesterday at her engagement party and then we headed to a friend’s to watch the Texas Rangers kick some Detroit booty which means they are in the WORLD SERIES!!! YAY!!!  We’re gonna win it this year I’ve also [...]

Cannelini & Kale Soup, Live/Raw Foods and Smartini time!

Smartini Pomegranate

Happy Thursday everyone !!! Just discovered this awesome line of raw, live food.  ”Go Raw”.  If you’re not familiar, raw food contains enzymes which aid in the digestion and absorption of food.  Cooking food over 116 degrees destroys all these enzymes so you’re getting a lot more nutrients by eating live/raw.  Go Raw makes cookies, [...]

What are Your Healthy Eating Staples for Busy Days?

soup and wine

We’ve grown a little this week!  :)  Since we launched our new website, the traffic is way up and the “likes” are up!  While I’m SO THRILLED to see this happen, it’s been hard to keep up with everything!  Personally, I have been really busy with back-to-school, work, etc.  I never really realized how busy [...]

“Skinny” Girl Margaritas

Once upon a time, HealthyMammas raved about how good Skinny Girl Margaritas are.   (Read here.) However, I received an email today from one of our wonderful readers who took our advice a little far!!  She polished off a bottle of Skinny Girl margaritas by herself.  Now, I don’t advise this, but it could happen!  (By the [...]

Fun in Austin with Caprese Salad, Skinny Girl Margaritas, The Oasis, & Kerbey Lane…!

Caprese pre-salad!

Tonight will be a short post because a couple of us HealthyMammas are actually together – and we happen to be drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas!  Try these!   Totally natural ingredients and tastes delicious!  A bonus is that the tequila (agave of course) is already added! We started the night with a wonderful salad that [...]

Chia Seed Pudding and Our Logo Journey: Disco Mammas, Evolution Mammas, Boobie Mammas…

Disco Mammas?

HealthyMammas have been busy, busy, busy trying to find a new logo for our site.  After many, MANY revisions by at least 10 designers, we have settled on one.  Oh my gosh, SO happy!  Check out our new website for a new look and feel.  We are not there yet, but we are getting closer.  HealthyMammas [...]

Vitamix Frosty Summer Cosmo

Vitamix Summer Cosmo

Happy Friday!!!  In honor of it being Friday, I thought I would post my new favorite drink.  Now, it might not be the healthiest drink in the world, but a HealthyMommy has to do what she’s got to do sometimes.  :) I’ve made this several times – I cannot explain how easy it is in [...]