Super Sunday start – adrenalin and anti-oxidant high

Acai green smoothie

I’m on a Sunday morning adrenalin and anti-oxidant high after waking up to a matcha latte, hitting the pavement with my two besties for a 10 mile run, and downing my new favorite smoothie, thanks to Sambazon Pure Fuzion Acai and Acerola smoothie packs. First off, my girls are incredible in and of themselves.  We’ve [...]

Sister Slaw – a fresh twist on a Fourth of July Favorite

Sister Slaw

It’s the long Fourth of July weekend and I have a Texas BBQ to look forward to — a tradition I love, which always includes two things to work around:  extreme heat (103 degrees today?!?!?) and a menu I can’t partake in due to choices and food sensitivities.  So, off to the kitchen I go [...]

Avocado Salsa – greening up your omega-3s

Yum!  Avocado Salsa!

  I rarely go a day without slicing into a creamy, dreamy avocado and throwing as much on to a fish taco or into a green smoothie as I can before my kiddos take off with the rest.  (Did you know that an emptied out avocado half can be converted into a boat for a [...]

Detox Rocks Green Juice

detox rocks green juice

There are certain weekends when a HealthyMomma might not be so healthy, and should you find yourself on a Monday morning feeling more frumpy and bumpy than spry and full of energy, its time for a detox quickie.  I make this juice and drink it all day long for a one-dayl liquid cleanse - it yeilds 4 [...]

Squashberry Smoothie

Squashberry Smoothie

This is a yummy punch of smoothy-ness with a crunch, which I love.  It makes ‘chewing your liquids’ much easier to do!  A girlfriend of mine at work made this yummy concoction, which is a modification of a wonderful recipe under the same name from Lexie’s Kitchen, my all time favorite food blog. Squashberry Smoothie [...]

Summer Kale Salad with Avacado Dressing

Citrus free – Gluten free – Nightshade free – Vegan – Nut free This is my favorite summer salad of all time.  My local Whole Foods has ‘the orignal’ which I have modified to fit my food sensitively profile.  My kids like to pretend they are cows eating this bit of yummy, as it takes [...]

‘Smoothie Please’ – a plea from my kiddos that left this HealthyMomma in Shock

HealthyMomma Emily

Each of us HealthyMommas has a unique story of  how we got here, why we are passionate about making healthy foods for our families and ourselves, and I have to admit, my journey began and ran it’s course for some time focused on me, rather than my kids.  I was a newly single mom of two [...]