Meet the Team

We have 5 contributors to our site!  Here is a little something about each of us….

About Kim

I’ll go ahead and say it – HealthyMammas is my brain child.  But I could not do it without my wonderful best friends and sister.  This site would be NOTHING without them!  Jenna is my sister AND best friend and has two little people, my precious niece and nephew.   When she is not a counselor at an elementary school or being a mommy, wife, daughter and sister, she contributes when she can.   She plans to post more in the upcoming months, right Jenna?  :)

I met Jennifer in 1990 at the University of North Texas.  How lucky was I to have HER as my grab bag roommate?  We became insta-best friends!   A few years after meeting Jennifer, I started waiting tables at the world reknown Snuffers :) in Dallas, where I met my other BFF, Melissa.  I’ve been connected to these girls for as long as I can remember.  I couldn’t live without any of them!  I met Emily during an interview for a job about 4 years ago, and I knew the instant I met her, too, that we would become the best of friends.  I was right!

And then to me… I am the mother of two wonderful kiddos, Allen and Zane – and happily married to Lance (HealthyDaddy). :) I love learning about healthy eating and my journey led me to finding a way to keep all of this truly exciting information in one place. was born.   I found that I was forgetting recipes that I loved a year ago – or misplacing them. This website is a way to keep it together, while sharing with the world (Or the 5 people who will read this!) what I have learned. I’m trying to change the world…or at least our eating habits…one meal at a time. :)

Enjoy readying about my sister, who is also my best friend –  and my best friends, who are also my like my sisters…..

About Melissa

I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband, Tyler and two amazing children, Mia who is 5yrs old and Luke who is 3yrs old. Our entire family has a passion for food. We see food as a means of nutrition, something wonderful to enjoy and indulge in, and meals…if we are doing them right…serve as a fun social experience too! Food definitely brings this family together!
Our family, as a whole, eats a mostly vegetarian diet…although we do consume meat and fish, on occasion. So, I’m always looking for and trying out new vegetarian and vegan recipes that hopefully all of us will enjoy.
Besides food, we are passionate about gardening. We have an organic veggie garden in our backyard that provides a good portion of the veggies that we consume. The kids love to jump in and get their hands dirty and it’s crazy how much they already know about gardening! It makes my husband and me so happy to think that they will (hopefully) carry this experience and lifestyle into their futures.
I’m also passionate about learning new ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and provide one for my family…and, I love sharing these ideas with anyone who is interested in hearing about them! So, as I discover recipes and other healthy happy things I will share them…and when you discover some yourself…I’d love for you to share them with me! :)

About Jennifer

I am the mother of 2 beautiful children, Presley-7 and Cash-4 and married to an amazing man, my sweet Todd. I have always thought of myself as a healthy person…I’ve always loved sports, working out and eating healthy. However, looking back, I’ve actually had a lot of unhealthy habits. I’ve tried every diet out there : Low fat (How did I think eating a box of fat free snackwells cookies was healthy?), Low carb (can you say fried pork skins GROSS)… as well as a long stint with disordered eating which started in college as a way to avoid those “freshman 15″.
Well it wasn’t until my 30s that I realized those kind of diets are just a quick fix, not a lifestyle. I think all foods can fit into a healthy diet as long as you practice moderation. I have found that I feel and look my best when I am eating mostly plant-based foods. Not to say I won’t indulge in a filet every now and again… but I limit consumption of animal-based foods to just a couple times a week. I have recently been fascinated with trying new vegetarian recipes…I NEVER thought I could give up chicken…but I actually don’t miss it at all !!!
I am trying to pass these healthy eating habits onto my children so they can avoid some of the diseases related to unhealthy diets.
Thanks for reading and hope you have a healthy day !!!!

About Jenna

Best sister in the world – sister of HealthyMamma Kim. :) Mom of two precious kiddos, Liam (1) and Ella (4). Wife to awesome hubby, Mark.

About Emily

I have two little lovelies, Bella and Christian Wayne, who keep this single momma running on her feet. I’m blessed to have a great job as a VP of Marketing, which allows me to encounter a lot of creative, fun, inspiring people. I have several severe food allergies so you’ll find my contributions to avoid gluten, nightshades, citrus and nuts. I thrive on a daily run, girlfriend time, and an occasional tall pour of (organic) red wine.