What are Your Healthy Eating Staples for Busy Days?

We’ve grown a little this week!  :)  Since we launched our new website, the traffic is way up and the “likes” are up!  While I’m SO THRILLED to see this happen, it’s been hard to keep up with everything!  Personally, I have been really busy with back-to-school, work, etc.  I never really realized how busy things get when school is back in session but when I stop and really think about it, here are a few things I have to do that I DON’T have to do during the summer:

  • Morning Practice – this means taking Allen to football practice at 6:15, leaving the house at 6
  • Packing school lunch for my Kindergartner (My 8th grader would simply flush his down the toilet if I tried this with him so I don’t bother anymore!)
  • Carpooling my Kindergartner and neighborhood kids to school at 7:20
  • Helping with homework – especially beginning of school year to get my 8th grader back in the groove!
  • Strict bedtimes – my kids hate this, but it’s just so important to follow a schedule during the year
  • Back to school blues.  Do your kids get this?  I’ve had a 14 year old with a sour belly all week and and a 5 year old who has been SO grumpy from the minute he gets home until I feed him, bathe him, and put him to bed!
  • Meal planning – I’ll admit that we eat out a lot more during the summer.  No can do during the school year!
  • And then there’s my day job.  I am an IT Services Sales Exec, so I must work, fit this new routine in, and manage to still try to have a life!  :)

So back to meal planning.  This week, my husband traveled all week, so the kids and I basically lived on the bean soup I made on Sunday.  Sorry kids!  :)   Here is the link to it - it’s our cute little first post we ever did!  This soup is sooo good and it makes so much.  I feel like I saved like a million dollars just having my husband out of town for the week.  :)  The kids are pretty easy to feed and especially with this recipe.  So, three cheers for a re-post – go here to check it out!  You could make this in a crockpot too, as long as you are sure to soak the beans overnight before you crock them the next day!  YUM, YUM!  One night I even kind of sort of of had some soup with a glass of wine…or two – looked something like this.

I don’t drink alone – I blame my wine consumption on HealthyMamma Melissa being over here!  :)  Together, we were busy migrating some of our recipes into our RECIPAGE.  It was not a hard decision to use Recipage to organize our recipes, and please with us while we migrate them over.  I’d estimate we are about 1/3 of the way finished and will continue to add them as we post new ones!  If you need to see other categories, feel free to suggest them.  I’ve had one request for a “egg-free” category.  Melissa can talk to you about Egg-Free!!! 

Each night, I pretty much got the kids down, packed lunch, then made Vegan Overnight Oats to eat the next morning.  Now, you may read this post I’ve linked to and ask yourself – what is Amazing Grass – what are chia seeds?  What are Cacao Nibs?  Don’t worry, it took me a while to get to know these things too – but that is why you are reading this blog and this post…to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and all of the things we have found out!   Our recipes don’t have to be followed perfectly – adjust them to your liking.  The Vegan Overnight Oat recipe could be as simple adding the oats, some vegan milk, and your favorite berry.  Who knew oatmeal could be served COLD?  :)

We are SO glad our new visitors are here – and so happy to help you learn about what we’ve learned….. and how some of us HealthyMammas like to try to keep “health” in our lives!  :)

Since the HealthyDaddy is back in town, I’m keeping this post short, but I wanted to put a couple of my favorite staples in this blog for when I’m feeling really busy.  And I wanted to WELCOME our new visitors!!   YOU keep us inspired and we’d love for you to join this journey with us!

PLEASE comment on this post if you have any questions -and I’d love to know…. what are some of your favorite “healthy” staples for when you are feeling really busy??  Do you have any on-the-go suggestions?   

Health and hugs,

HealthyMamma Kim

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I am the mother of two wonderful kiddos, Allen and Zane - and happily married to Lance (HealthyDaddy). :) I love learning about healthy eating and my journey led me to finding a way to keep all of this truly exciting information in one place. I found that I was forgetting recipes that I loved a year ago - or misplacing them. This website is a way to keep it together, while sharing with the world (Or the 5 people who will read this!) what I have learned. I'm trying to change the world...or at least our eating habits...one meal at a time. :)


  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for throwing me under the egg-free bus Kimmy! ;)
    My healthy staple when I’m busy…my Vega smoothies! I was actually so crazy busy tonight that I had one for dinner…3/4 scoop Vega, 1 small banana, big handful of spinach, 1 cup filtered water, 2 tsp chia seeds, 1 Tblsp flax oil, and a small handful of ice cubes…blend…busy dinner is served! :)

  2. Jennyjenn says:

    My fave is Amy’s organic cheese pizza…I top it with the veggies the kiddos will eat and voila dinner is served :-)
    My favorite toppings are spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms and feta….MMM !
    And I’m with Melissa….love a vega smoothie for a quick lunch !

  3. Janet says:

    OMG, I just found this page and I LOVE IT! Thanks girls!

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