“Skinny” Girl Margaritas

Once upon a time, HealthyMammas raved about how good Skinny Girl Margaritas are.   (Read here.)

However, I received an email today from one of our wonderful readers who took our advice a little far!!  She polished off a bottle of Skinny Girl margaritas by herself.  Now, I don’t advise this, but it could happen!  (By the way, one bottle is equal to about 3 Margaritas.  This HealthyMamma was in FunMamma mode! )  After consuming, she  read that the drink is 37.5 calories per 1.5 ounces !!!!

The bottle is 25.36 ounces !!!!!!!!  (A normal margarita serving is 8 oz, so this is approximately 3 servings.)  Another important tidbit, the bottle states that it is 750 ml – in other words, they don’t really want you to do the math.

By my calculations, that one seemingly small bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas is 634 calories.  As a point of reference, a “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” hamburger has 700 calories!!

Just wanted to warn you Skinny Girl lovers…

Keep enjoying your Skinny Girl margaritas – but make sure to measure out only a serving or two if you are watching your calories!!!    I think I’ll stay with my safe, low calorie, occasional Ciroc or Dripping Springs Vodka and Soda.  :-)

Hope you’re having a Happy and Healthy Weekend!   :)

No Mas Skinny Girls!




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