Do You Vega??

Vega is one of the things HealthyMammas loves the most.  I have had a hard time trying new recipes lately because of the hustle and bustle of summer!!!  But, when I am in a hurry for lunch, or feel like having a light dinner, or for MOST of my breakfasts – I turn to Vega.

It all began about two years ago when I did a cleanse.  (www.thelovecleanse)   This is a wonderful program that isn’t really a diet – instead it is a discovery into what makes you feel well.  The programs starts by having you cut out any artificial sweeteners and caffeine and adding VEGA each morning.  This is because these withdrawals can be some of the worst, and are not to be confused with what you may feel when you go through a cleanse.  In The Love Cleanse, the actual program,  you cut out many things, some of which are wheat, meat, chicken, fish, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant), sugar, dairy, corn, alcohol, citrus, nuts and more.  Basically, you eat a diet rich in veggies, whole grains (such as quinoa), green juices, hummus, and green “snacks”.  Vega is an approved ingredient in the green snacks if you choose not to use the Protein Powder that comes with the actual cleanse (Kim Love’s proprietary ingredients).  After doing this cleanse for 7 days, you start to re-integrate each food category, one by one, and take note of how each makes you feel.  For example, I was able to track clearly the fact that I am allergic to nuts.  I always suspected that they gave me headaches, but after re-integrating them into my diet, it was very clear.  I re-confirmed this with actual allergy tests done by an allergist.  I learned too much on this cleanse/reintegration period to even write about – if you are curious, check out Kim Love (yes, that’s her real name) –   I learned so much about how to treat myself through this cleanse – it was truly amazing.  What are now normal parts of my every day life – I had never even heard of.  To name only a few: Green Juices!, Coconut Oil (instead of butter), Quinoa, Manna Bread, Matcha Tea, and…Vega.

Back to Vega – I was amazed that I had never heard of this.   When the creators of Vega first started making the product, they had the following goals:

1) Make a complete meal, meeting all Canadian meal replacement guidelines when mixed in plain water
2) Made primarily with whole foods in their freshest, least processed form possible
3) Made with all natural, plant-based ingredients (absolutely no animal products)
4) Target nutritional profile of 40% protein, 30% carbohydrates, 30% essential fats
5) Proteins must come from a diverse variety of vegetarian sources, including a minimum of one third raw protein
6) All carbohydrates must be naturally occurring, complex and low glycemic with no added sugars or simple carbohydrates
7) Essential fats must be of high quality, with the majority being Omega 3′s; no trans fats or cholesterol
8) No common allergens such as dairy, gluten, soy or wheat
9) No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners and GMO & pesticide-free
10) Must taste good with pleasant texture and flavor

They met their goals, and what they came up with is this (and, by the way, i only use one scoop per serving, and when Vega says one serving, they mean 2 scoops):

High in fiber, protein and essential fatty acids, Vega is naturally filling and satisfying, helping to reduce appetite and cravings. Each serving of Vega supplies:

26g of Broad Spectrum Protein

  • 40% of calories from protein, with all essential amino acids in ideal balance
  • Alkaline forming, 35% raw protein with enzymes intact
  • Protein sourced from hemp, yellow pea, brown rice, flax and chlorella

6g of Essential Fatty Acids

  • 30% of calories from naturally occurring fats from whole foods
  • EFAs mostly in the form of hard to get Omega 3s and zero trans fats
  • EFAs sourced from whole flax seed (not flax meal), hemp and chlorella

17g of Quality Carbohydrates

  • 30% of calories from naturally occurring complex carbohydrates; no maltodextrin
  • Naturally low glycemic index and no sugars or sugar derivatives added
  • Carbohydrates sourced from hemp, flax, brown rice and maca

15g of Fabulous Fiber

  • Contains both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Helps balance blood sugar, reduce insulin, improve elimination
  • Fiber sourced from hemp, flax, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and chlorella

Full Serving of ChlorEssence (High CGF Chlorella)

  • Rich in protein, chlorophyll and nucleic acids DNA & RNA
  • Cleanse, nourish, rejuvenate cells and activate, support immune system
  • Special cell wall fiber binds to and removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body

Full Serving of MacaSure (Organic Gelatinized Maca)

  • Rich in alkaloids, glucosinolates, minerals and sterols
  • Increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones, improve libido
  • Gelatinization enhances potency and ease of digestion/absorption

Mixed Berry Complex (ORAC 800 blend)

  • Great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Helps defend against free radical damage

Probiotics (Dairy-free)

  • Beneficial form of bacteria
  • Helps maintains healthy intestinal flora

Digestive Enzymes

  • Facilitates breakdown of food to improve absorption
  • Helps reduce nutritional stress digestion places on the body

100% Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamins & Minerals

  • All essential minerals present in easily absorbable form
  • All essential vitamins present in natural form

Um, really?

Why don’t I just drink Vega for EVERY meal??  :)

Most protein shakes to me are just plain gross.   Vega – is wonderful!!!  (I usually use Coconut Water instead of regular water, though!!)

What’s great about Vega is that I can have it plain – with some coconut water  - or I can add a 1/2 banana and/or 1/2 pear to it to make it a little more hearty.  Sometimes I’ll even throw a handful of spinach in it – not that it needs more nutrients!  :)  There are tons of things you can do to experiment with it.  Either way, it fills me up and I know I have taken in most of my vitamins for the day.  If I overeat for lunch, what a perfect dinner!  If I am in a hurry for breakfast (or not) – what a perfect breakfast!!  Nothing to eat for lunch?  Vega.  :)

My favorite flavor is Chocolate (for those that know me, duh) – Jennifer and Melissa really like the Vanilla Chai.

Check out Vega’s website (order it on Amazon for less $$, though) and take a look at Kim Love’s site as well.  Try replacing one or two meals a week with Vega and see how it makes you feel.

Vega….. and Kim Love – changed my life.   I have more energy, I am happier and so much less sluggish – overall, I just feel healthier.  And, that makes a happy, Healthy Mamma!!  :)

~  Kim

PS:  I do not get any kick-backs from Vega or Kim Love.  They do not know I endorse them – I just happen to love them.  And this site is to share with you what I love.  :)

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  1. Melissa says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Vega!! We seriously don’t go a day without it around our house! It’s a staple for me now…either for my mid-morning snack or my mid-afternoon snack…nothing beats it! :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow…thanks for posting this. I checked out the ingredients and it’s hard to believe there can be that much healthiness in a powder! How does it taste? I’m pretty impressed with the high protein content. Almost seems like it could replace the whey protein powder I use to supplement after my workouts. Also, thank you for the Amazon link. Seems to be a much better price via that route. I will be sure to try it and come back to comment!


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