A Stolen Life, meat, and other thoughts

Yesterday I received my pre-ordered book, A Stolen Life, by Jaycee Dugard.    I read about 2/3 of it last night.  It is a really quick read – first, because it is so frighteningly interesting, and second, because most of it is as though a child is writing it.  I would NOT recommend this book for anyone under the age of 18, maybe even 21.  It’s hard to believe things like this really happen in our world.  The descriptions of what happened to her are vividly described, so again, don’t let your kids get your hands on this book.  Although you might think this is a negative and horrific book that you would not want to read, what you might not know about this story is that Jaycee managed to make a life for herself and her two children (she was 14 when she had her first daughter) despite her terrible situation.  She read books. She wrote in a journal.  She did research on the internet and figured out how to homeschool her daughters.  (Her captors told her they monitored her every internet move, so she didn’t dare try to reach out to her parents.)  She managed to survive when others might have given up.   I recommend the book as quick read, but it’s something you’ll think about for a long time.  It is definitely very hard to read at times, unless you are not human.



On a TOTALLY different note, today was a busy day for me, so this healthy mamma wasn’t very healthy.  I met a co-worker at The County Line for some BBQ.  I’m writing this because as I sit here and write this, I am NOT feeling well.  My in laws were in town last weekend and left yesterday.  We had a great time making many of the recipes that we’ve posted on this site.  We made Jenny’s black bean/sweet potato burrito recipe, Melissa’s orzo salad and her chimichurri sauce with veggies, many green smoothies, many green juices, etc.  My point is that after eating well for the last few days and showing off some of our wonderful recipes, I blew it with some good old fashioned BBQ today.  I have mixed feelings about it, because I have to say that I enjoyed it while I ate it.  But, right now, I so wish I had opted for salmon or just a veggie plate.   I think I need a good cleanse!!!  OH.MY!

Did you know that  ”according to The Journal of the American Medical Association, a vegetarian diet can prevent 97 percent of coronary occlusions (blocked arteries)??   How is it that I KNOW this, yet I continue to eat it?  It is scientifically proven in many, many studies – not just this journal/study.  If you are interested in learning more, you should consider reading The China Study.  It is an awesome book about the science of eating meat -or not eating meat – and the effects on your body.  It is very interesting, whether you plan to continue to eat meat or not – but you cannot argue science.  We have cut it out of most of our diet, but obviously are not hard-core vegetarians.   I’d like to be – I wish someone would have a meat intervention on me.  :)

Have a healthy day!!!  I’m going to start my day by promising myself a meat-free day!!!




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  1. Jennifer says:

    I feel the same way after I eat bbq Kimmy … that is a weakness of mine too. But I always have stomach cramps the next morning.
    I actually have no desire for chicken anymore…but brisket or a steak…yum !!
    I want to borrow your Jaycee book . I saw her Primetime special…can’t believe there are monsters out there like that….makes me want to go hug my kids and never let go !

  2. Kim says:

    You can definitley borrow the book!!! :)

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