Super Sunday start – adrenalin and anti-oxidant high

I’m on a Sunday morning adrenalin and anti-oxidant high after waking up to a matcha latte, hitting the pavement with my two besties for a 10 mile run, and downing my new favorite smoothie, thanks to Sambazon Pure Fuzion Acai and Acerola smoothie packs.

First off, my girls are incredible in and of themselves.  We’ve been running together since 2003 (when we all did the Boston Marathon) and have logged hundreds of miles together working our way through this crazy thing called life, in particular motherhood.  You see, they have both adopted from third world countries – one is a single mom who has adopted one child from Haiti and is working on bringing another son home, and the other is two years into a mission commitment with the African Children’s Choir in Uganda and is adopting a 16 year old refugee and her baby boy who have fled to Uganda.  Her adoption is official in tribal law, but not yet in Ugandan law.  Their family has also adopted a child from the U.S. who is with them in Uganda.  Crazy, brave, big hearted mommas!  Between the three of us, we have grown our families by 7 since 2005 – and that only includes 3 pregnancies of our own.  Ha!

So, back to my anti-oxidant high.  This is my new favorite green smoothie and it must be shared –I’m not a big fan of buying packaged goods for my whole food smoothie habit, but when I saw  Sambazon Pure Fuzion Acai and Acerola smoothie packs in my local grocer’s freezer section I had to try them.  Wow – what a treat!  I heart you Sambazon, and will be scouring the shelves for more of your products!


A bit about the beautiful Acai berry from the Sambazon site – pretty impressive little fruit!:

Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) has an exotic berry flavor and is considered one of the healthiest fruits on the planet for its natural synergy of antioxidants, essential omegas, amino acids and fiber, making it nature’s most powerful antioxidant superfood. Acerola (otherwise known as Amazon Cherry) has 10 times the Vitamin C of Orange Juice and is a powerful boost to your immune system.

Anti-oxidant Superfood Smoothie


½ frozen banana

½ organic English cucumber

1 very generous handful of organic spinach (approx. 2 cups)

1 Sambazon Pure Fuzion Acai and Acerola smoothie pack – run under warm water for about 20 seconds.

1 cup filtered water

2 drops liquid Stevia

Pop this mixture into your high powered blender and blend to liquefy.

Add 1 tablespoon chia seeds, blend lightly (I like to keep my seeds intact as I love the crunch factor), pour and enjoy!

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