“Veggie” Sloppy Joes and whole fruit popsicles

Sloppy Joes

It has been quite an eventful week !  I got to be in Austin for the birth of my nephew…SO EXCITING…nothing sweeter than a newborn baby !  The kids were SO excited to meet their new cousin My sister in law had the fridge stocked with food (yes, she’s about to give birth and she [...]

“Skinny” Girl Margaritas

Once upon a time, HealthyMammas raved about how good Skinny Girl Margaritas are.   (Read here.) However, I received an email today from one of our wonderful readers who took our advice a little far!!  She polished off a bottle of Skinny Girl margaritas by herself.  Now, I don’t advise this, but it could happen!  (By the [...]

A Berry Yummy Breakfast and Blueberry Pear Crisp


We’ve been going crazy around our house with fresh summer berries…and loving every minute of it! Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries…there has been a constant flow of them into the kitchen ~ and into our tummies. In my mind they sort of…kind of…make up for some of this crazy Texas heat! My husband came home the other [...]

Kickin’ B12 Chili Cheese Popcorn!


There are two things that I’ve learned as the mother of two young children: 1. A toddler with good table manners is an urban legend 2. Popcorn is an extremely powerful behavior modification tool.  :) My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves popcorn and will do most anything for the delightful treat after a healthy [...]

Fun in Austin with Caprese Salad, Skinny Girl Margaritas, The Oasis, & Kerbey Lane…!

Caprese pre-salad!

Tonight will be a short post because a couple of us HealthyMammas are actually together – and we happen to be drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas!  Try these!   Totally natural ingredients and tastes delicious!  A bonus is that the tequila (agave of course) is already added! We started the night with a wonderful salad that [...]

Veggie Portobello Grill and Avocado Coconut Ice Cream!


Nothing makes me happier than a grill-n-chill night at our casa.  Maybe it’s because we really only grill out when my healthy hubby is home from the fire station. Or, maybe it’s because all of us…kiddos included…get outside to participate in making dinner together.  It’s not Mom’s in the kitchen cooking…or, Dad’s in the kitchen [...]

Choco Smoothie and Choco “Ice Cream”!

I always bring yellow roses to put in the water for Mom...

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a great time with our family in Wimberley yesterday!   It’s always so good to spend time with family and…what an amazing place!!   Our 14 year old came home from camp and had a GREAT time, so we were not only happy to see him, [...]

Breakfast Faves…Peaches & Cream Wheatberries and Buckwheat Groats Porridge

Wheatberries Cereal

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day…and has been ever since I can remember. As a kid, if my dad was out of town, my mom always let us have “Breakfast for Dinner” night…cereal, pancakes or eggs and bacon….so fun ! Even as a college student/single adult, I was more than happy [...]

Are You a Healthy Mamma?

Super Cute T Shirt!

    Show the world if you are!! Super Cute T Shirt!   Let us know if you would like one!  We’ll be ordering more – right now we have a few that we are offering for $20!  These are high quality cotton shirts made for women and fit so totally cute!  We have S, [...]

Another Kale Salad Recipe and Why I Love Kale!

Kale Salad

Hi everyone!  It is still really HOT in Austin (predicted next 10 days out of 10 will be between 101-103 degrees!)!! I just talked to one of our Healthy Mammas – Emily – and she will be doing a 2 week health program guided by Dr. Frank Lipman, so I am anxious to hear how [...]