Veggie Subs, Cars 2, and Ashley the Bachelorette

It’s been an awesome few days!  This weekend was full of good friends, laughs, some wine (ok, a lot of wine) and even some dancing!!  Somewhere in that crowd is some girl who tried to start a fight with me for very accidentally (and apologetically) spilling over some red wine on her “$150 Lacoste” purse.  Uhhh, I am a lover not a fighter!

Shot through the heart and you're to blame...

Today Zane was so worn out, he asked if he could stay home from school.   Who can resist??  I took him to Thundercloud subs, his favorite place ever!  We attempted to be healthy – as healthy as we could.  :)  I had my usual – try it at home!!  This is a veggie sub on wheat bread.  It has hummus on one side, smooshed avocado on the other side, and tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts and olives in between.  DELISH!

Veggie Sub

My picky boy Z-baby opted for his own healthy version of a sub.  Turkey sandwich with…chips.  :)  At least they were Sun Chips.  I remember adding Cheetos to my bologna sammys back in the day.  Thanks Mom…  :)

Later the king wanted to see Cars 2.  Sounded like a good idea to me and HealthyDaddy, since it was playing at a place that served dinner and…wine.  :)   So, mommys, here is the good and bad for Cars 2.


  • Cute story line
  • Great adult humor – lots of lol moments!!
  • Seriously awesome graphics
  • Zane loved it


  • 3-D!!  This was both positive and negative.  Who can be comfortable in those re-usable, oversized glasses?  At times I had pieces of my napkin stuffed on the bridge of my nose just to try to make them more comfortable.  If you are going to spend all that money on 3-D technology, why not make some glasses in different sizes that are comfortable to a wider variety of people.  I mean, really?  They were awful for me -I can only imagine how Zane kept them on. But he was a trooper, and did.  His had some special rubber things on the back to try to help them not come off quite as easily.
  • The only other negative about the movie is just that it is a little long.  Or was it just that it seemed long with those glasses??

Here is Zaney Bear in the glasses.  This pic does NOT do them justice!  Seriously, they were like 5x the time of his face!!   :) :)

On another note, anyone out there watching the Bachelorette?  Is it just me or does Ashley cry…a lot?  This season is the worst I’ve ever endured…but I can’t help myself as I am glued to the TV anyway.  And who can resist Ames?  No really, would you have voted him off the island with that look on his face, and in those white pants??  Oy vay….

Oh, Ames…awkward, sweet Ames.

I can’t wait to watch THE VOICE tomorrow night!!  Who will join me!!??  I’m literally in love with Dia Frampton’s rendition of Kanye West’s “Heartless” – see my other post about that.  But I think I am in love with each of the 4 remaining Voice-ees!!!   WATCH IT – you will love it!  :)

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!



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  1. Jenn says:

    I actually liked Ashley last season on Bachelor…however this season I am realizing why she didn’t get picked…who cries that much ???
    I still think she should’ve had Tim (the resident drunk who passed out on the couch) stick around…he would’ve been way more entertaining than say … AMES (WTF???) or Luke from Odessa, TX (really…)
    JP is my favorite…maybe because of his adorable smile…or the simple fact that he’s from NY (a favorite city of the healthy mammas!)
    Nighty Night !!!!

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