Veggie Burger Salad, Lululemon and Happy 4th of July !

Sunshine Veggie Burgers

Well it’s another 100+ degree day in Texas !  If another person asks me “Is it hot enough for you today?” I may scream ! Just made the most delicious salad…spinach, organic veggies (red bell pepper, cucumbers, carrots, celery), and some farm fresh goat cheese with a crumbled veggie burger on top.  By the way, [...]

Veggie Subs, Cars 2, and Ashley the Bachelorette

Veggie Sub

It’s been an awesome few days!  This weekend was full of good friends, laughs, some wine (ok, a lot of wine) and even some dancing!!  Somewhere in that crowd is some girl who tried to start a fight with me for very accidentally (and apologetically) spilling over some red wine on her “$150 Lacoste” purse.  [...]

Our new “Healthy” puppy – Stella Grace


Today we picked up the newest addition to our family…a sweet little 7 week old black pug named Stella!   She is so soft, sweet and playful.  Her favorite thing to do is give the kids kisses on their necks…just adorable ! And I have never heard them giggle so hard when she does it [...]

Austin weekend trip to the Haile Hodel

Green Juice Fixins'

So we brough the kiddos to spend the weekend at the Haile Hodel in Austin. (Hodel is no typo…it’s a long story that I’ll save for another post!) We weren’t so healthy last night…there are 4 bottles of wine in the recycle bin…so this morning we got up and made Apple Pancakes with Kimmy’s awesome [...]

Roasted Veggie Tacos

veggie taco 1

Here is a favorite dinner idea from JennyJenn!!  Looks awesome, can I come over for dinner tonight?  :)   xoxo Kim Corn tortillas topped with : Refried beans ( I buy in bulk so u can make as much or as little as you like….just add boiling water) Roast @ 400 for 15 minutes : [...]

Homegrown Tomatoes – Homemade Pasta Sauce


To quote Guy Clark “What’d life be without homegrown tomatoes…Only two things that money can’t buy…That’s true love & homegrown tomatoes”  That just about sums up how we feel around our house about homegrown tomatoes!  We can’t get enough of them…our favorite slicers, cherry tomatoes, Romas…you name it, we love them!  We grow so many that [...]

Dilly Beans…I promise you can’t stop at one!


One thing that our family could not live without…our organic veggie garden out back!  Well, we might be able to live without it…but, we’d definitely spend a lot more money on produce throughout the year!  Plus, I don’t know why…but, homegrown veggies simply taste SOOO MUCH better than store bought veggies!  Maybe it’s because you know that nothing has touched them [...]

Whitewater Veggie Burger


This recipe came from Alligator Pie Catering in Vancouver…my friend Louise picked their recipe book up for my birthday while she was visiting I love this one … has fresh herbs, soy sauce, just a ton of flavor !  And it makes 12 burgers so I have 11 lunches going into my freezer   I [...]

What was in your green juice this morning?

Green (Red) Juice

I am having the most delicious green juice ever right now!  It’s actually a shade of BRIGHT RED – thanks to the leftover beets I had.  This was somewhat of a “kitchen sink” green juice and it turned out to be one of the best I have ever made. Here is what is in it: [...]

Vitamix I think I love you!!! (Apple Pancake Recipe)

Apple Pancakes

So I finally got my Vitamix last week!  It is changing my life!!  No really, I LOVE MY VITAMIX!!  I am a fan!! So far I have made apple pancakes, gazpacho soup, a yummy frozen Cosmo!!  :)  And much more.   This thing is SO amazingly powerful and it just take so much less time [...]