‘Smoothie Please’ – a plea from my kiddos that left this HealthyMomma in Shock

Each of us HealthyMommas has a unique story of  how we got here, why we are passionate about making healthy foods for our families and ourselves, and I have to admit, my journey began and ran it’s course for some time focused on me, rather than my kids.  I was a newly single mom of two lovelies under 5, and needed every tool in my belt to keep the positives flowing and the energy up.  Of course, my new habits have soaked into our family table by nature of immersion, but I was simply shocked one evening while I was sucking down this delicious power packed but unattractive smoothie and my kids started begging for a sip…then another sip….then an all out demand for one of their own.

So, here’s the recipe.  It’s my favorite way to start the day, and is my best defense against an ice cream craving attack.  It also has enough fiber and bulk to fill me up for hours and get my digestion moving for the day.  I’ll add a pic the next time I blend up this concoction!

‘Smoothie Please’ – with a protein and fiber punch

Pull out your blender and add to it:

1 1/4 cup cold filtered water

3/4 tsp. Stevia

1/2 -1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. Maca powder

1 1/2 teaspoons Chia seeds (the more the merrier – I have a crush on Mr. Chia)

1/4 cup original flavor Vega Whole Food Optimizer

6-10  strawberries (6 if large, conventionally grown, 10 if nature’s sized organic)

1 giant handful organic spinach

Blend baby blend!   I like to stick this smoothie in the freezer for 30 minutes or so if I have the time– if you were to freeze the strawberries prior to making you would accomplish the same.

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